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We can provide a variety of wire ropes to meet customer needs.

When ordering wire ropes, you are required to provide us with the complete information specified below:
Purpose: What purpose will you use to determine which type of wire rope will be used.
Size: The diameter of the rope in millimeters or inches.
Structure: the number of shares, the number of steel wires per share and the type of share structure.
Core wire type: optical fiber core wire (FC), independent steel wire rope core wire (IWRC) or independent steel wire rope core wire (IWSC).
Twist direction: left and right twists in the same direction, left and right alternate twists.
Coating: smooth (ungalvanized), galvanized, PVC or grease.
Breaking force: The minimum calculated breaking force, in kn.
Lubrication: whether lubrication is required.
Length: The length of the wire rope.
Packaging: Coil wrapped in oiled paper and burlap (orp.p) cloth, or on a wooden reel.

Wire rope specifications:

Wire rope structure:

Single strand rope (1*7, 1*19, 1*37, etc.),

Multi-strand rope (6*7, 7*7, 6*12, 6*15, 6*24, 6*19, 7*19, 6*37, 7*37, 6*19W, 6*19S, 6* 25, 6*29, 6*37S, 6*36SW, 8*19, 18*7, 19*7, 35*7, etc.)

wire rope

Available in6X37 + FC / IWRC / IWSC

Galvanized wire rope

Available in#6 * 37 + FC / 6 * 37 + IWRC


Hot galvanized wire rope

Available in#6 * 37

Glossy wire rope

Available in#6 * 37


Anti-rotating wire rope

Available in18 * 7 + FC/18 * 7 + IWRC
Widely used in shaft tower machines.

Special requirements wire rope

Available in6 * 19S + IWRC/6 * 19S + FC/6 * 36SW + IWR/6 * 36SW + FC/18 * 7 + FC/18 * 7 + IWRC/35 * 7 + FC/6 * 19W + FC/6 * 19W + IWRC/

about us

We adhere to the principle of quality first, customer first, customized products for customers with the best products and the most beautiful prices, combined with leading production technology, efficient corporate management, continuous innovation and excellence, and we will climb the peak on the road of producing steel wire ropes! And sincerely welcome colleagues and customers from all walks of life at home and abroad to come to inspect, negotiate business, and seek common development and create brilliant!

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Yangzhou Jieerte Wire rope manufacturer (formerly Nantong Yangzi Wire Rope Factory) has a history of more than 30 years. Convenient.

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The company specializes in the production of various specifications of smooth steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, bundling steel wire rope, steel strand, plastic-coated steel wire rope, piling steel wire rope, elevator steel wire rope, non-rotating steel wire rope, etc., which can be used in different fields.

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The “Yangtze River” brand products produced by our company have been widely used in automobiles, ships, construction, metallurgy, cranes, cranes, tower cranes, elevators, railways, mining and other industries, and are exported to more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country and Europe. Africa, Southeast Asian countries.